Kiho integration

Kiho integration


Finadeck – Big integration

Let automation build key figures and compile reports for you

With the integration of Kiho and Finadeck, you can also bring data on kilometres driven and fuel consumption to Finadeck on a vehicle-by-vehicle basis. Finadeck's easy-to-use user interface enables the vehicle-specific data imported from The Big to be earmarked for the corresponding accounting calculation items, i.e. vehicles in a few minutes.

The construction of the desired combination indicators, such as fuel costs and maintenance costs per kilometre driven, can be done conveniently with finadeck's built-in zoning tool. When the necessary indicators are constructed, they can be added to the desired reports built to monitor the profitability of vehicles, the transmission of which can be automated to the desired persons.

The integration between Big and Finadeck helps:

  • Aggregation of composite indicators
  • Monitoring the profitability of vehicles
  • In the automation of reporting