Modern Group monitoring, reporting and budgeting at Finadeck

  • Group Summary
  • Group structure
  • group accounting

Combine group company figures effortlessly

Ready-made integrations with all the most common financial management software make it easy to combine figures.

In Finadeck's group environment, you can easily combine the actual and budget figures of the subsidiaries capitalised in Finadeck and of any subsidiary groups. When defining the group structure, you can enter in Finadeck information on when the subsidiaries are included in the group, the percentage of ownership and any changes in ownership, allowing Finadeck to automatically calculate the impact of minority interests and associates on the group's result and balance sheet.

  • Group structure
  • group accounting

Let automation handle eliminations

The elimination of internal transfers can be achieved by excluding the internal transfer accounts of each enterprise in the Group in the Group Posting Rules. Finadeck automatically eliminates exchange rates in accordance with the main currency set for the Group.

In addition, it is possible to set up a dedicated elimination environment in Finadeck, so that eliminations entered in the elimination environment or exported via Excel or Google Sheets can be taken into account in the group accounting.

  • Elimination of intra-group transfers with posting rules
  • group exchange rate eliminations

Automate Group reporting

Create the consolidated reports you want, such as Consolidated Sheet, with an easy-to-use report builder built in Finadeck, which you can use to select the columns and variables you want for your reports and to complete the visual appearance of the reports. You can also automate the monthly submissions of your own reports to people you want.

Modern technology enables ease of use

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