Roadscanners Oy - a global expert in intelligent and proactive infrastructure asset management solutions

Roadscanners Ltd is a global specialist company established in 1998, specialising in transport infrastructure management and maintenance consultancy, research and measurement equipment sales. Roadscanners employs 24 people in Finland and has three offices in Finland, as well as subsidiaries in Sweden, Norway, the Czech Republic and the United States. Roadscanners Oy's turnover in 2022 was approximately EUR 3 million.

The company develops models based on the latest research to study and maintain roads, streets, bridges and airports. Roadscanners' new maintenance methods make it possible to target repairs to the road sections that need them most. In addition, repairs can be targeted proactively and more cost-effectively at the source of the problem, rather than simply making superficial repairs.

In the Arctic, the seasonal variation in conditions also poses particular challenges for road maintenance. Roadscanners offers solutions to these problems.

Roadscanners-Finadeck observation diagram1

In the picture, from left to right, Saku Pöllänen, CEO of Finadeck and Virpi Halttu, CFO of Roadscanners

Roadscanners had long been looking for a suitable software partner to combine, process and present financial and business data.

Over the years, Roadscanners had experimented with a number of software to solve their reporting challenges. "We use Visma Severa for project management and there is a lot of good project information there that we wanted to combine with reporting. On the financial management side, we had been using Procountor for some time but were looking for a software partner with whom we could develop our reporting in a more automated, predictive and visual direction.

The data and visual presentation in Excel is of course also functional, and we will continue to use it, but we wanted to use automation to improve the speed and quality of reporting", comments Virpi Halttu, CFO of Roadscanners Oy. Before the introduction of Finadeck, reporting at Roadscanners took from a few days to a week per month, depending on the scope of the month's reporting.

Finadeck-Roadscanners observation diagram2

In the picture, from left to right, Virpi Halttu, CFO of Roadscanners and Saku Pöllänen, CEO of Finadeck

"Automating project reporting saved Roadscanners a significant amount of time"

With Finadeck, Roadscanners has managed to automate, among other things, the compilation of aggregate figures and project inventory reports from data retrieved from Visma Seva and Procountor. The overall time savings are significant, as the data collected from different sources and systems can be automatically processed into the desired reports and the reports can be set to be sent on time to the desired email distribution. "Copying project reporting frames from one project pool to another is effortless in Finadeck, as long as you remember to set which projects and timeframes you want to track for each project." Halttu mentions.

At Finadeck, data aggregation was successful and the customer was really listened to. The development ideas that emerged during and after the implementation training have been scaled up and implemented in production within a reasonable timeframe.

"The Finadeck support team genuinely listened and was interested in the solutions to our challenges and took the time to work with us to go through and implement the solution changes. It has also been nice to see that not every desired functionality is billed at the same time", Halttu sums up. In general, Finadeck's ideology is that customers' desired functionalities will be scalable and useful to other customers.

Project pipeline report

The software was to be used on a turnkey basis

"We wanted to use the software on a turnkey basis and used Finadeck's implementation training for this. Finadeck had a ready-made process, whereby all we had to do was provide Finadeck with the key figures and reports we wanted, and then Finadeck's support team built everything we needed," Halttu says. Overall, Halttu estimates the payback period for the Finadeck software investment to be a few months, after which the software purchase becomes an investment with significant time savings every month.

"I would definitely recommend Finadeck to consultancies like Roadscanners for monitoring projects and other business activities. The existing reports already go a long way and a particularly positive experience has been the customisable reports and tracking." Halttu comments. We want to continue to maintain an excellent level of communication on both sides so that any future reporting, budgeting and forecasting needs can be addressed by Finadeck.