Automate management and board reporting with Finadeck


Key figures and cash flow

Combine economic and operational business data


Standard KPIs

Finadeck automatically calculates standard key figures for profitability, liquidity, solvency and working capital from the included financial data. Standard KPIs, like all other KPIs built into Finadeck itself, can be utilized in every part of the software.


My key figures and BI reporting

With finadeck's built-in formula tool, you can agilely build all the key figures you need for reporting from the data of financial administration and any other software integrated into Finadeck.

The formula tool can also be used to build composite indicators, such as fuel costs per km, in which accounting data is combined with data from daily business operations.

The instructions for the schematic tool contain comprehensive industry-specific examples for building internal key figures. Building internal KPIs for a company is part of the implementation.

  • formula tool
  • formula tool help logistics
Cash flow statement

Cash flow

Finadeck automatically generates a financial statement from accounting data, budgets and forecasts that drills down to the voucher level.

In addition, it is possible to build your own financial calculations in Finadeck by building the key figures needed in the calculations using the formula tool built into Finadeck.

Cash flow statement

Data visualization and report submission automation

Build, visualize, and automate the reports you want for the people you want

My companies dashboard

The My Companies dashboard is designed for centralized monitoring of the financial status of the group, the group of companies and the franchise chain, as well as the key figures of daily business operations.

  • my company dashboard
  • company dashboard

Company dashboard

The company dashboard is designed to dynamically view the financial status of an individual company or its individual calculation target, as well as the key figures of daily business operations.

  • company dashboard

Cost Center Dashboard

The calculation targets dashboard is designed for centralized monitoring of the financial status of the company's calculation targets and the key figures of daily business operations.

  • calculation items dashboard
  • calculation items dashboard view settings
  • my reports example table
  • custom reports graph types

Report builder to build your own report frames

The report's building tool and its own reports section are designed for building and monitoring management and government report frames.

You can use the report builder to select the desired companies and/or calculation items, intervals, data types, and calculation functions for the columns you want, and the key figures you want for tables and graphs, and to complete the visual appearance of your reports.

The report's building tool is ideal for building and monitoring the reports mentioned below, among other things.

  • Group sheet and other group summary reports
  • Summary reports of the company and association
  • Sheet reports of calculation objects and other summary reports of calculation objects

Building reports that are key to the company is part of the implementation training.

  • my reports example table
  • custom reports graph types

Automation of reporting

It is possible to order a PDF printout of the reports to be sent from Finadeck on a specific day of the month or when the VAT period closes to the emails of the desired persons, which allows management and board reporting to be automated.

  • report subscription - my reports report subscription
  • subscribing to reports - my reports

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