Lemonsoft integration

Lemonsoft integration

Free of charge*

Finadeck – Lemonsoft File Transfer and Integration

Let automation compile the reports for you

Develop knowledge management. Build the key figures and reports you want, automate reporting, while making budgeting and forecasting easier.

The file transfer between Lemonsoft and Finadeck can be done in a few minutes. If necessary, integration can also be opened up between Lemonsoft and Finadeck. From Lemonsoft to Finadeck, financial years, chart of accounts, calculation items and accounting vouchers are transferred through file transfer and integration. If necessary, integration can be extended to sales and purchase invoices, customers, vendors and products. Finadeck supports the charts of accounts of the corporate, association and real estate clerk.

Finadeck also includes comprehensive tools for group accounting, eliminations, and graining and avalanches to automate unnecessary manual operations.

Lemonsoft file transfer and integration with Finadeck helps:

  • Building your own key figures
  • In the automation of reporting
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • In asset management and depreciation accounting
  • For the calculation of loan repayment programmes and interest rates
  • Making cash flow forecasts
  • In consolidated accounting and eliminations
  • In grains and rolls

* Manual file transfer from Lemonsoft to Finadeck is free of charge. Lemonsoft integration pricing is case-by-case depending on the scope of integration.